Alone In The Dark 3 Walk Through



In this walk through, chapters are organized according to the save

game files supplied with this game. Even if you decided to start your game in

the middle, you can still easily find the help you need under the appropriate


Since you are navigating a 3D character in this game, I must clarify

that all directional descriptions are given with respect to Carnby. For

example, 'your left' means Carnby's left -- NOT yours (the human) left. Also,

please take some time to read the manual and be familiar with the controls. I

will not repeat them in this file. Pay particular attention if you see the

word 'Search,' in order for the search to be successful, you may need to try

out several different positions or spots. You will not find anything if you

are not standing on some hot spot -- even if you are searching the right


Map seems to be a necessity at some point so I had included some,

however due to limitation of ASCII text, the maps are far from satisfactory.

I hope you will not mind their quality.


* Alone In The Dark 3 copyright 1994 Infogrames Multimedia.

* Copyright 1995 by Johnny Chu [CIS:100267,126]. This file may not be

  reproduce in whole or in part and in any form or by any means

  without written permission from the author.


Game Start



You are at the entrance to the ghost town Slaughter Gulch. Here you

will find nothing useful, so you better cross the bridge in front of you.

Ignore the ghost gunner who appears when you approach the bridge.

You are now in the town's main street. To your left is a saloon. There

are several other locations which you'll visit at an later stage but serve no

purpose for the time being. Approach the saloon, but don't enter yet. When you

are on the sidewalk just outside the saloon, turn right and walk straight

ahead to take the gas can. Go back and enter saloon.


+------------+----- Entrance ------------------+

! ! x! <- oil can

! ! x ! <- generator

! x ! ! <- maraca

+------------+ x ! <- key

! !

+-----------------------------+ +---+

!x <- trap door BAR !x ! <- match



Once you entered saloon, you'll see four items that interest you. Turn

left and go to the corner of saloon to get the oil can. Turn around and

approach the projector. Position yourself facing the two red wires and

performs a search (if you see nothing particular, try again at another

location). When you understand what the generator need, use the gas can on it

to view the movie clip. Turn around and walk to the table with a blue patch on

top. Perform a search and take the key. Turn around and approach the stage,

search and take the maraca. Go inside the small room beside the bar to get the

box of matches.

Go behind the bar and go all the way until you reach the trap door. A

ghost gunner will appear on 1/F, but if you position yourself below him, you

should be safe. After the ghost gunner left, search the shelf to take the wood

alcohol and flask. Now, position yourself to the left of the bull skull

hanging on the wall and pushes its horn. The trap door will open and a gunner

will appear. Defeat him and take the ace of diamonds and gold bullet he left

behind. Go down the trap door and take the lamp on your way. Use oil can on

lamp follow by using matches to lit the lamp, finally use lit lamp.

Here is the saloon cellar and there are only two things that interest

you. Walk all the way to the other end of the cellar and you will see a

poster and a cane. Search the poster to read the writings, then take the cane

hung on the wall besides the poster. Position yourself at the door of the

nearest barrel and opens it. After you opened the door, use the maraca to fool

the snakes and go inside the barrel. If you position yourself correctly,

Carnby will climb the ladder at the other end of the barrel automatically.


Chapter 1



+-------+ +-----+--------+

! ! ! : Cell 1 !

  Ladder -> !x ! +---------+ +--------+

! ! ! Cell 3 ! !

! +--+-- --+ !

door -> X !

! +--+---- ---+ !

! ! ! Sheriff ! +--------+

! ! ! Office ! Cell 2 !

! ! +---------+ +--------+

! ! ! !

+-------+ +-----+


Carnby will be climbing up from a hole in Cell 1, note that this is a

point of no return which means you cannot go back into the cellar. On your

left is a bench, go there once you regain control and search it to get the

stone. A gunner will ascend through the same hole shortly after, kill him.

Note that gunners will keep ascending into the cell if you do not get out.

Walk over to the door and position yourself as close to it as possible, then

use the cane to get the key on floor. Use this newly found key to unlock the

cell door and get out.

Proceed to Cell 2 and position yourself in front of the ghost there.

Drop the bottle of wood alcohol on the floor. After the ghost took it and

vanished, take the flask he left behind. Throw the stone to any wall and walk

over there to get the Indian amulet. This amulet is the most important item

in the entire game, so make sure you don't lost it until chapter 9.

Forget Cell 3 since there is nothing interesting there. Go to

Sheriff's Office instead. Search the desk and take the sheriff's badge and

bullets. Read all the posters in this room, they contain useful hints on later

puzzles. Now, position yourself in front of the lock of gun case and uses the

key you found in saloon on it. Search the case to take the Winchester.

Now go to the ladder. Once you enter this hallway, you will notice a

large closet and a closed door. As in all other InDark games, push the closet

to block the door -- do not let the ghost inside escape or you will die. After

blocking the door, open the closet and search for the shotgun. Go up the

ladder to reach the roof.


Chapter 2



+----------------------------+-------------+ O : Roof access

ladder ! X ! ! D : Door

! +---+ -------+ ! ! M : Machine

! ! ! D ! ! S : Shaft

! ! +----------+--+-..-+---+ ! G : Ghost gunner

! ! ! G! ! ! ! II : Plank

! ! ! ! ! ! ! X : Metal plate with an

! ! ! D ! ! ! arrow

! ! ! ! +---+-----+ ! T : Protected item

! ! ! ! ! T !M ! ! .. : Wall to blast

! ! ! +----+ ! ! !

! ! ! ! +--- ! !

! ! ! ! +--+ +-+ ! !

! ! ! S! D ! !O! ---+ ! Roof Plan

! ! ! + ! ! + ! ! ! ---------

! ! ! ! ! ! ! +-----+

! +--------------+----+--+---+ +-+ !

! D !




Walk along the roof corridor to the room with the protected item and

pick up the whip on your way. When you arrive at that room, you will see a

stone slab floating in the air emitting a red light. Do not touch the light

or you will die. Good timing is important here, when you see the light turns

off, run towards the item below the slab to take it. Continue going through

the corridor. Shortly after, you will see a room with a locked door and a cast

iron plate outside. Take the plate and use the Winchester to blow the door

lock, but do not go inside yet -- you will return here later. Instead,

continue with your journey. Around the next bend you will see a shaft and an

item on the floor, leave both of these alone. Position yourself just passes

the entrance of the room with a ghost gunner and uses the whip to attack him.

By doing so, you can obtain a bag full of gold coins. Use the gold bullet and

ready your Winchester. I suggest you save game at this point since you only

got one chance. Shoot the ghost gunner using the Winchester. If you succeed,

he will disappear. Take the sack he left behind and continues your trip into

the next room. Inside this room you will see a barrel. Walk around it until

you find a short fuse -- note the location. Then go to the corner to take the

gatling gun and flask. After completing all these, go back to that once locked


When you are inside, use lit lamp follow by using voodoo hangman's

rope to deal with the ghost. Position yourself as close to the shaft at the

other end of the room as possible, and use the sack full for scorpions to open

the door, then push the lever. Walk onto the shaft cover to search for a stick

of dynamite and a piece of dried meat. Go back to the room where you find the

gatling gun. Along your way, two gunners will appear. I suggest using the

gatling gun to kill them. When you arrive, the door will close behind you. At

this point, hide beside the door until the ghost stop shooting. Position

yourself at the location where you find the fuse. Use the fuse follow by the

stick of dynamite, then use matches. Hide behind the barrel before the

dynamite explode. Go through the wall and stand onto the plate with an arrow


Proceed along the corridor until you see a statue. Leave that statue

alone but ready your gatling gun and note this location. Go around the bend

and kill the gunner. Walk towards and examine the machine.


Chapter 3



Use the sheriff's badge on the machine to act as the missing gear,

then use the whip to attack that machine. Go through the newly opened door. In

this room, you will find a flask and a box of bullet on the plank. After you

took the bullets, go back into the room.

Now is a good time to clean up your inventory, drink all flasks and

use the bag full of gold coin to reload your shotgun. Also, reload your

Winchester by using the bullets. If you want additional protection, use that

cast iron plate.

Position yourself so the plank is directly in front of you and runs

all the way out. Remember, run NOT walk.

This is the first floor of the saloon. If you had spent some time

exploring the saloon, you'll find a damaged staircase which leads to here. On

the wall to your right is a floor plan, consult it if you like. Walk forward

to the next scene and you will see a large hole in the middle of the corridor.

Do not spend time figuring how to jump across because you cannot. Take the

jewelry ring lie besides the hole and light all four wall lamps with matches.

After you did this, you will learn more about the amulet and unlocked a door.

Upon entering the room, walk to and face the clock. At the moment the

vulture starts to move, put the dried meat into the clock (use dried meat) to

earn a token. After picking up the flask, newspaper and night valet on the

floor, go through the large painting. If you read the newspaper, you will know

why you can go through a painting.


Chapter 4



There are lots of searching to do here. Search the dressing table to

take the 30/30 bullets, bulb and pearl. Then push the mirror on it to take the

key. Search the bed carefully to find the arrow and place it in the hand of

the cupid (one of the bed posts). Go through the painting and out to the

corridor. Use the newly found key to unlock the door next to the big hole and

enter that room.

Take the flask, diary and instruction sheet on the floor and read both

the diary and instruction sheet. Go to the dragon statue besides the bed. Use

costume diamond ring follow by use diamond to take a box of bullet.

Go out to the balcony, to your right is a partially opened door. Walk

over to that door and when you hear gun shots, drop the night valet. After

the ghost disappears, push the wooden door to form a bridge and enters the

photo processing room.

You will see several photos on the wall, examine them if you like. All

other items are placed either on or besides the small table. Go over there and

take the key, flash, shutter release and instruction sheet. Use bulb then use

shutter release to make yourself a flash. Read the new instruction sheet if

you like, then go all the way back to the corridor.

Unlock the last of the three locked doors with the key and go in. To

your left is a piano and to your right is a locker. Besides the locker, you

will see a circular thing on the floor. Stand onto that circle and use the

flash. Go over to the piano and insert (use) the coin to play it. After that,

face the locker and hit it to force it open. Search inside for a flask and

war stick. Remember to take the oil can besides the piano.

This is another point of no return so cleaning up your inventory and

save game is recommended. After you are satisfied, jump down the hole. Use oil

can, matches and lit lamp to see.


Chapter 5



Do not bother with the bats -- you cannot kill them, just run like

hell to any direction and enter the doorway.



  XX 11 XX 6 ! Indian


  XX 13 XX 10 XX 7 XX 5 ! IN !

  12 +----+


  XX 14 XX 9 XX 8 XX 4 XX 1


  XX 15 XX 3 XX 2


This is a rather standard sequence, so you should not run into any

trouble. Just remember to use the jump command appear under Action to jump

from block to block. When you are on block 5, use the war stick to dismiss the

Indian. Walk onto the landing and take the flask and small key on the floor.

Continue with the journey until you reach block 15. Use the Indian amulet to

summon some help.


  !==! !==!


  ! !==! !==! !

  ! Library !==! !==! Study !

  ! ! ! !

  +---- Door ----+ +---- Door -----+

  ! !

  +------------ Main Entrance -------------+


After escaping from ravine, you will find yourself inside a mansion.

Kill the two ghosts here and take the flask and key they left behind. Unlock

library with the key and go in. Inside, you will find several books that can

give you more background information on this game, but reading them is not

require in order to finish this game. The only important item is a pocket

watch with can be find by searching the statue at the far side of the library.

Go back and unlock the study room with the pocket watch and go in.

Once inside, you will see a man, do not kill him! Walk to and touch him to

take a story board. Proceed towards the wooden ladder in the center of Study

and more ghosts will appear. Kill them all -- there are several more in other

parts of the mansion, feel free to hunt them down.

Use a gun to shoot the window behind the curtain and ascend the ladder

to get out. Once you are in the cemetery, walk over to the circular stone slab

in the center and use the war stick on it. Turn around and stand besides the

grave with 'O.E.J.' inscribed on. Use the ace of diamond to open that grave

(Yuck!) and take the message.

Search the table when you are back inside the mansion to take oil can.

Walk over to the sideboard and take the roll of film and bag of pemmican.

Approach the fire place -- below the bear head, and use oil can on it.


Chapter 6



Enter the ball room and go all the way down until you reach the stage,

search the phonograph on your right to take items. Go back half way down the

room and search the lady standing besides a column. Then search the fat guy

standing opposite to her.

Go back to the kitchen and walk behind the sideboard. Go down the

corridor and exit by the door. In front of you is another locked door, use

30/30 bullet follows by hammer to blow the lock. Open door and enter the room.

On the long dressing table, you will see the model of a house. Walk

over there, search and take all items. Enter the second half of this room and

stand in front of the mounting table. Use light bulb, guitar string and roll

of film to obtain information from the movie clip. Go to the next room.

Walk straight forward to take and read the book on the table. Continue

your walk until you reach the other side of the room. Open the painting by

using the search command and search inside. You must continue searching until

four numbers had been shown at the bottom of the screen.

Turn around and go behind the counter to your right to reach the safe.

Use pearl and 'key to a safe' to unlock it, then open it. When the safe opens,

a ghost will appear and took your amulet. Chase him and hunt him down to get

it back. After you got the amulet back, go inside the safe to take the

cartridge and suitcase. Go to the window and open it.


Chapter 7



I assume this is some sort of a miner's store, walk to the big man to

take and read the message, then approach the mining cart and search inside for

items. There is also a flask at the other end of this store, feel free to

explore. After you searched the cart, you will ride on it to the other end of

the track -- the railway station. At this point, I suggest you walk around

town a bit and be familiar with all routes before you enter the station. There

are also a few gunners to satisfy your killer's instinct. You might notice

several items that you cannot take, note their locations.

After you are done with exploring, go inside the railway station. To

your left, you will see a signboard with the word 'Station' painted on it. Go

over there and push it, then take the key on the floor. You can use this key

to lock the suitcase. Go to the other end of the station and besides those

pipes (the item is concealed from you) search for an eye-bolt.

Turn around and approach the door with a bell besides it. Use the

eye-bolt to strike the bell to set the door in motion. Save game at this point

is recommended and you may also want to clean up your inventory.

Time yourself and rush through the door. When you are out, turn to

your left. Consult the map you find earlier to set the blasting cap and

detonator box so you can blast the station to pieces.

Turn around and walk to the water tower -- opposite to station. When

you approach it, a ghost will appear. Drop the suitcase key and suitcase on

the floor. Two more gunners will appear at this point, LET THEM KILL YOU! This

is supposed to happen so don't panic.


Chapter 8



Interesting, isn't it? You turned into a mountain lion! Now, get out

of the cave and leave cemetery through the gate. Go across the street and

enter saloon. To your left, there is a broken staircase concealed from your

view, go over there and you will jump upstairs. Approach that big hole in the

corridor and jump over it (jump is a command under Action). Run to the window

on the other end of the corridor and jump onto the roof of sheriff's office

-- you might need to keep the run action for a prolonged period before you

will jump.

Once you are on the roof, run along the maze to the location where you

saw a statue which is holding something. Run through that hole to jump onto

the statue to get what you need.

Now is time to prepare for battle, go to the alley in between the

miner's store and mansion. Inside you will find a can of tar, approach it to

apply it on your claw. Go into the mansion and approach the can of silver dust

besides Study to apply silver on claw. Now go back to the cave. Kill all

werewolves you encounter on your way. When you are back inside the cave,

approach the pit in the center to drop the statue into it.

After you are back from death, take the colt that ghost dropped and

approaches the water tower. Drop your colt onto the floor, then touch your

double to absorb him into you. Pick up the colt and climb the water tower.

Once you are up there, walk a few steps forward then turn left or right to

walk off the plank. After you lowered yourself into the tower, prepare to

fight and kill the ghost there. Pick up the metallic brush he left behind.

There is also a flask here, search for it if you like. In the center of the

water tower, you will see a small piece of wood with a hole in it. This is

also a point of return, so save game if you want. Insert (use) the metallic

brush in it and jumps down the hole.

Walk ahead to exit the corridor and into an underground cavern. Upon

entry, turn to your left and pick up the dead leaf. Then go to the opposite

corner to take and read the notebook. On the wall, you will see a sectional

map of this cavern -- feel free to examine it. Use the dead leaf on the

Indian sculpt to open the door. Climb the ladder and go through corridor to

reach the next room.

Here, you will see 2 ghosts, kill them! Search the bed to the right of

the entrance for a pick-axe and also search the bed besides the exit at the

other end for a flask. Go into next room.

Pick up and read the paper at the corner of this room.


--+ +--

  ! < = !

  ! = = !

  ! = = = =!

  ! = = = !

--+ +--


To get across the knife bed, all you need to do is walk out into thin

air and a stone slab will appear below you -- I know, this sounds like one of

the puzzles in Indiana Jones movie. Follow the map above should get you



Chapter 9



Kill the ghost here and enters library through the doorway.

After you killed the library ghost, go to the column opposite to the

entrance to search for candlestick. Then take the water pitcher besides that

column. Feel free to search and take other items for examination, they provide

additional information on the story line.

Exit library and take the needle on your way. Walk down the corridor

and when you see the small man, position yourself beside him and pour water

in water pitcher on him. Enter elevator.

Take piggy-bank and throw it again the wall to get the glass plate

inside. Push lever to start elevator.

When you arrive, get out of elevator and go to the other end of this

room. Position yourself in front of the microscope and use glass plate, then

search the microscope and notes the color patches on the plate.

Push the colored panel on both sides of the wall according to the

sequence you saw (gray, green, blue, red) and enter next room.

Walk forward and search for a vial on the table, then go to the other

side of the laboratory.


Chapter 10



This would be an excellent time to clean up your inventory because you

will loss most of them shortly. Position yourself in between the table and

cell, use (NOT drink) vial of potion to shrink yourself -- Alice in

wonderland? Enter the cell and when you are back into your own self, use vial

again to poison your needle. Use the poison needle as your weapon to fight

the ghost doctor. After you defeated him, take the key and straw he left

behind. Also, take the bottle of ammonia on the floor. Use the key to unlock

the cell door and get out.

Use the vial again, this time, go into the small hole under the table.

When you are inside, use straw and run ahead to pole vault across the moat.

Take that bottle of potion at the corner and walk out of the corridor.

After you are out, you will be back to normal. The moment you got

control back, run to the ore (the lump of shinning metal across the room) and

pour (use) the potion onto it. Step back while the spider drinks it. After the

spider shrunk, walk onto it and step on it! Take the pot of glue besides the

spider web, but be careful -- DO NOT touches the web. Apply the glue to

yourself and go to the other end of the room. Here, you will see light shining

from a hole above. Position yourself in the light and faces the wall to climb


Once you climbed up, run towards the table as quickly as possible and

grab the head. Turn around and throw the head down the hole you climbed up --

the ghost will follow the head and leave you alone. Go to the other end of the

room and take the lead ingot. Push the stand aside and take the flask and

Winchester. Ready your Winchester, save game and enter next room.

The ghost in this room is "Cobra" who is an expert in karate. Your

only hope is to gun him down before he can even approach you. After you killed

it, take the wig and silver dollar he left behind. Take the flask in the

corner if you like. Examine the poster on the wall and insert (use) the silver

dollar into the slot to open the door. Go inside to take the matches, then

open the door and enter the torture chamber.

Do not step inside the skull drawn on floor yet for it will kill you

at the moment. To the left and forward, you will find a bowl. Position

yourself in front of it and uses the lead ingot and matches. After Emily

escaped, walk to that location again to take the wand. Other items in this

room will not aid you directly but will provide clue to puzzles at an later

stage. Examine them if you like. Besides Emily is the entrance to a corridor,

enter it.

Once you entered, the door will lock behind you. To get pass this one,

you will need to kill the ghost here real fast, turn around to face the door

you came in and stand at a suitable distance away from it. Throw the bottle of

ammonia at the door so the smell can wake up Emily -- she will help you stop

the advancing spiked wall. Approach the spiked wall and use the wig on the

hook above it. Don't forget to pick up the knife the ghost left behind, you

MUST have it! Open the spiked wall and save game.

Once entered, you will be surround by three ghosts that cannot be kill

in conventional ways. Run to the left and enter the room with an eagle statue.

Face the statue and use the wand to kill Elwood Brothers. Go back and open the

boiler's valve by using search command, then pick up and use the rubble glove

lying beside it. Arm yourself with the knife and attacks those electrical

wires hang on the wall (beside the locked exit), run back to the eagle statue

room and wait for Jen Stones' death. Go out and search this room for a sack of

coal before joining Emily.

Exit through the newly opened door and walk to the locomotive. Climb

the ladder attached to enter. Pour the sack of coal into boiler and use

matches to light it. Push the handle to the right of the boiler to start






  THE END !!!